Mund "Hunting" debute album on limited edition cassette box.
Out now: Edward Sol "Home Magma" cassette.
After the long silence - meet the debut release on tape by industrial/tribal/psychedelic band Kadaitcha. Very special, very limited.
Quasi Pop/Edward Sol special programme on MuhMur Radio.
Debut of Ukrainian project Starless in cassette format. The title of the album is  “Initiation”.
Batch of 3 new cassettes released: «Les Illusions Magnetiques» compilation, split of Edgars Rubenis, Ilia Belorukov & Jelena Glazova and «Maru» album by Japanese noise artist Tasuketekun.
Long-awaited new Brume album “In Heaven” has finally saw the daylight.
Available on CD and as limited edition on CD with bunus 7".
Batch of 3 mew tapes released today: Dva Zagorodnych Doma, White Reeves and SEC_, Micromelancolie & Youniverse split. All three in a small edition of 50.
2 new releases of Edward Sol are available:
3 inches CD-R "Draghixa Faeton" and cassette "K69: Brotherhood Of The Brutal Art", both in small runs.
Our new LP release Play Some Fucking Stooges has already pressed!
Both artists featured on that LP are our favorites - Mats Gustafsson and Thurston Moore, played unbelievable live improv-free-jazz-noise jam.
Records are still in Europe, we expect copies to Ukraine soon.
Quasi Pop has only 125 copies for sell, so act quickly to pre-order.
July 31, Edward Sol will play live at Monofest in Kiev.
Full info: http://monofest.org
The same night you can see performances of legendary Das Synthetische Mischgewebe and Artificial Memory Trace. Don't miss.
Hot summers delivers some fruits!
Today Quasi Pop has already two hot releases: cassette of killer Italian free-power-jazz-rock by the band Grizzly Impoded and CD "Sun Storm Rampage" from Edward Sol.
25 December, Edward Sol will perform live concert in Kiev, club Prime.
Start at 18:00. Also playing Creastion VI, 2525 and ¬ŤūŁ from Moscow.
25 September, Edward Sol live in Kiev.
The concert will take place at LabCombinat. Other participants are The Cat's Orchestra & Mpala Garoo. Start at 19:00.

Russian tour 2011 dates:
26 Sept. Moscow (Bar 6/2)
28 Sept. Sanct - Petersbourg (GEZ-21)
29 Sept. Petrozavodsk (Premiere)
1 Oct. Yaroslavl (Music House)
Newest Merzbow CD "Dead Zone" is out now.
Here's a good news for all Prurient fans - finally "Stun Gun" 7" vynil is out! Very good musical material and on it and the highest quality pressing/packaging as well Only 350 copies pressed.
In August 2011 I have a small Ukrainian tour with Norwegian artist Sindre Bjerga. We will play cassette noise, psychedelic drone and «democratic» musique concrete. Five concerts will take place at:
august 1 — Zaporizhya, «Lenin» gallery
august 2 — Dnipropetrovsk, « vartira» art-centre
august 5 — “Śrnopil, «Bunkermuz» club
august 6 — Chernivtsi, ’’Sweet Art’’ gallery
august 7 — Lviv, «Stuka» coffee-shop

Actual information on Last FM.
Every show I will perform different programme. It can be melancholic ambient stuff somewhere or crude cassette noise in other place. It may be unbalanced electronic or even weird «indistrial» sounds. In general, it must be quite funny time. I will be happy to see all my friends there!
Recently I did some graphic work for Eco Friendly project, it's a set of printed cards eco-designed by 10 artists from Ukraine and Russia. Looks like that: http://qua-qua.livejournal.com/159375.html
High quality print, exclusive hand-made, everything's just cute and heart-touching.
I got some copies for distribution, please ask (there are different designs in every single set of 10).
I do have a new cassette released today.
"Motels and Cupids" C30 is musique concrete album based on my 2007-2009 experiments with tapes, radio and field recordings.
Also there are 2 more releases of mine I have today: business-card "Tasma Gang Bang" on ~taqueOT label and cassette "My Nature Is My Best Teacher" on Polish label Sangoplasmo.
A few copies of both will be available from me soon.
Two more cassette releases on Quasi Pop!
The first tape is early "space music" recording from Shameless Barbarians "Pinkmilk" and the second one is pure noise album "Provocative Manner" by Edward Sol.
Album “Zima Nebo” by Biblioteka Prospero band has released on CD, only 300 copies pressed.
Edward Sol will perform live on concert of electro-acoustic music "Winter electro-session".
January 22, 2011, Dnipropetrovs'k (UA), art-gallery "Kvartira".
Line-up and all detailed information here.
I have the new number of my post office box now: it is 150 instead of 510 (the old one).
Everything else as before. Please update your contacts.
From now my address looks like that:
Solomykin Edward
p.o. box 150
Kiev 19
Andrew Liles “Honey Monster” 7" is out. Fancy release, amazing music.
Order it from the label or artist directly, or through our distributors around the Globe.
Now I have some copies of Messer Chups «Heretic Channel» LP available in Ukraine. Or just ask your local distributor for it!
Great Italian shop/distributor SoundOhm has just published interview with Edward Sol on label’s subject.
Our long-time favourite Sudden Infant has a cassette release "The Phone People" on Quasi Pop.
Tapes, noise & answering machines!
Important message!
Almost three months back one of my pussycats (Siamesse) delivered six lovely kittens. Though it’s very very hard to fall apart with all of then, there’s the right time to find a new home for the babys. So I would like to ask for a help everyone who has a willing and the chance to adopt a nice kitten.
There are three black ones (Oriental type) and the rest three are grey-white stripped. All of them are girls, gentle and home-trained!
I’m looking for a serious responsible family only. Foto on request.
Many thanks!
Ukrainian art-portal Azh.com.ua just published my old release “Untitled Silver” as podcast/free mp3 release.
Small CD-R edition of that album is sold for a few years, so there’s a new chance to get it and to listen to it.
Another great 2010 release is out now on Quasi Pop!
Limited edition 7" vinyl split of Burning Star Core/DEL is already available for non-Ukrainian customers. I expect some copies to Ukraine later this summer, but let’s see.
More fantastic music coming soon, incl. absolutely new Brume CD album, Sudden Infant “The Phone People” C30 and Lasse Marhaug double cassette box. It must be hot.
New CD release: Astro & Cornucopia “Deep Wind”!
Quasi Pop has just released debut 7″ vinyl of S K L S (new project by Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander). Analogue synth sounds, total darkness, drone, magic. Limited to 300 copies.
Edward Sol has the new fancy release on Ukrainian ~taqueOT label.
Strictly limited to 32 copies business card in exclusive hand-made packaging.
The music is quite different from Edward’s usual output. You will be surprised!
Rapoon, famous UK post-industrial act will play live show in Kiev for the first time ever.
That artist is closely related to Quasi Pop (think Escaping From Color CD compilation) so it’s a sin to miss this important event.
Concert will take place on March 16, club Cinema. See you there!
To all dear customers, artists and partners!
Finally, I moved my house away from Kiev to beautiful countryside. Now the studio, Quasi Pop office and the Home are in one place.
All my previous phonenumbers are not valid anymore, exerpt these ones:
+38 068 361-31-29
+38 063 609-49-31
Also I have troubles with regular internet connection though I’m working on it. Please, be patient while e-mailing me and have no answer from me.
Everything’s great but there’s some delays with connection. Talk to you soon, my friends!
One more amazing vinyl!
Today Quasi Pop released fantastic music of Our Love Will Destroy The World on 7" format. Only 500 copies pressed: first 150 are blue-marbled and the rest in black! Enjoy!
More great stuff coming later!
We have new 7-inches released today!
Anla Coutis and Edward Sol play “Sunburst Lux” drone music, split release, very nice limited edition (300 copies), white vinyl, sounds so monstrous!
Masami Akita talks about birds, playing drums and meat-eating in Merzbow's newest interview for Musique Machine.
Family Underground 7 inches vinyl is out now!
Here's some news and updates on Quasi Pop upcoming stuff.
The pack of 3 seven-inches is in production process at the moment: the first one will be Danish psych-drone-noise-rock duo Family Underground, then a bit later, the split of Edward Sol and Anla Courtis will appear, and further the new record by Our Love Will Destroy The World. All just great.
Moreover, I feed a hope that all Biblioteka Prospero already recorded works would be released this year. And ther're some more: Shameless Barbarians debut album, new sounds from Merzbow, Jason Forrest, Astro and Cornucopia etc.
And I'm working on 2 first LP's for Quasi Pop as well.
Quasi Pop is asking you for help!
Please find a minute to sign a petitie against Canada's Annual Seal Slaughter — it's the world's largest hunt for marine mammals.
And please, share this information for all your friends.
Quasi Pop and promo-group JustDoom present the concert of band Nadja. This famous drone-doom-ambient-metal band from Canada will play in Ukraine for the first time.
The concert will took place in Kiev, Sky Hall Club on January 25, 2009 and includes supporting live performances of Molfar (Ukraine) and Cisfinitum (Russia). I have some tickets available for pre-sale.
We have another new 7 inches record released on Quasi Pop and that's our first release of new 2009 year.
It's titled “That People Don't Know They're Monsters” by the band named Volcano The Bear.
Lasse Marhaug & Anla Courtis “Jordslev Hojaldre” album reached 22th line in Musique Machine's List of 2008 favourites!
Quasi Pop released its third “japanese” album today.
Please, wellcome — mr. Kazuyuki Kishino (KK Null) with his excellent CD “Galactic Tornado”!
“For Ake Hodel” 7" is already available! Fantastic noise-works by both mr. Marhaug and mr. Gustaffson on these black little records make me feel myself absolutely happy! That's what we call it keeping analogue sound alive!
The long-awaited project “Escaping From Color” is ended today.
I'm happy to announce that the following artists have provided their interpretations of Rapoon's music/sound aesthetic: Francisco Lopes, TV Pow, Troum, Steve Roden, Gert-Jan Prins, Anla Courtis, Aidan Baker, Jorge Castro (of Cornucopia), Mike Shiftlet, Paolo Raposo, Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Ronnie Sundin, Family Underground, Rapoon & Cisfinitum.
“Fuck Stupid Music!” — that's the new and fresh summer motto of Quasi Pop.
Share this idea to the others! All the more so, if you'd wear our new t-shirt with that provocative logo, it will be not easy to pay no attention for you.
If you love animals/extreme music/Quasi Pop/noise/Merzbow or just lovely summertime, our T-shirt will fit to all of these perfectly.
Please buy it, wear it and enjoy the summer!
Ukrainian folk-rock band Biblioteka Prospero has put out their new self-released album “tsvetom vinograda”. There are songs on it recorded live between 2005–2007 by various band's line-ups in different locations, and also you can hear the recently recorded song named “Color” in studio quality as bonus track.
Awesome hand-made design and packaging, pro-printed CD-R in limited edition of 50.
You can order this release from Biblioteka Prospero web-site directly, or just contact me for help.
Ten funny original ringtones (in mp3 format) by Edward Sol are available for free downloading and using in your cell phones from Downloads page. Enjoy you calls!
The very first Quasi Pop vinyl release is going into production! It would be limited 7-inches split of Lasse Marhaug and Swedish free-jazz saxophone player Mats Gustafsson. Expect it would be ready in month or so.

Limited edition CD-R “Wrong Action” by Edward Sol is completely sold out.
Ask distributors such as A-Musik or Staalplaat, maybe they have some copies in stock. I have no intention to produce more copies of this release or re-release this material in nearest future, sorry folks.
Here's the nice interview with our japanese friend Naoki Isida on www.azh.com.ua.
Sorry, only the text on Ukrainian is available.

ņnother good news is that the album “Before They Come and Slit My Throat” (Edward Sol) was prized by webzine Machine Room as “the best electronic album of 2007”!
The very last day of 2007, and the very last release 2007 on Quasi Pop! The newest audio-work by Edward S. has been released today: “Untitled Silver”.
This is a limited edition of pro-CD-R in hand-sprayed slimboxes (23 copies). It's dedicated to the time/timing subject in philosofical meaning and comes after its sold-out predecessor “Untitled Gold”.
Hope you'll enjoy it! Happy New Year, friends!
Discount programme “Pricefall Before Christmas” starts at Quasi Pop on December, 7! We offer to buy any CD from Quasi Pop catalogue for only 5 euros per item (plus shipping) for the customers outside Ukraine.
This price will be valid till 2008, January, 7. Don't hesitate to order lovely music from Quasi Pop!
Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!
—ongratulate us, please! We've done another one little step to integrate Ukraine into worldwide cultural space.
It means the first CD release of legendary noise hero Merzbow — “Peace For Animals” is out now on Quasi Pop!
Biblioteka Prospero, MaXinator and Edward Sol will play live at club Bochka Khmelnaya (Kiev, Bogdana Khelnitzkogo 3-B) October 7, 2007.
Evening will start at 21:00
Entrance: 40 UAH.
Another new release — Edward Sol “Wrong Action” is out now. Limited edition (100 copies) of 3" CD-R in digifile.
Tapes, objects, hisses and heavy noise sometimes.
In the era of easy-to-get digital media we're already missing the energy and raw enthusiasm of underground cassette culture. So, we've released our first for six years tape titled “Jordlev Hojalrde” by Lasse Marhaug and Anla Courtis to play this game again! Limited edition cassette (100 copies) in nice O-box is out now.
Don't hesitate to ask for your copy!
Merzbow's CD “Peace For Animals” goes into production!
Limited edition of this album (500 copies in digipack sleeve) will be released on Quasi Pop later this fall (October—Nowember). Pre-orders are wellcome!
Huge interesting interview with Biblioteka Prospero (in Russian) has appeared on Muz-Prosvet and the latest record of Edward Sol “Before They Come And Slit My Throat” marked as “one of the best albums of 2007” on Machine Room!
Two new articles are going to be released soon: 3" CD-R “Wrong Action” by Edward Sol and (wah!) 60 min. chrome cassette named “Jordslev Hojaldre” by Lasse Marhaug & Anla Courtis. In fact, we're already fed up with the poor Ő–3 quality, so let's go back to the hissing analogue tape sound!
Grand Summer Sale on Quasi Pop!
From now till the end of the Summer any Quasi Pop CD costs only 5 euro for all customers outside Ukraine! Moreover, if you'd order 5 CDs at once, you'll get 6th CD for free (choose the article by yourself). This price does not include postage.
Please, buy the music, support independent scene!
Important information!

The number of our post-office has been changed recently (although its's still the same physical office as before). Here's the updated adress:

P.O.  box 510
Kiev-19, 01019

Please, use this refreshed information when contacting us.
New CD-R release is out now!
There's the 29-minute E.P.  of Edward Sol called “Before They Come And Slit My Throat”, full of delicate drones, concrete sounds and weird noise sonorities.
There is the page of Quasi Pop on My Space — www.myspace.com/quasipoprecords.
It's not official yet, but created and operated by our great friend Sonnenbarke from Athens, Greece.
Two Quasi Pop releases have appeared in April's “Top 10 album's” list from Boston-based radioshow/podcast Rare Frequency, which is dedicated to experimental/improv/noise music. There are “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” compilation and CD of Lasse Marhaug “It's Not The End Of The World”.
Brand new CD release is out now!
This is “the Greatest Hits” compilation of cult Ukrainain electro-pop group Ivan Samshit named «Essential Shit» and it contains 19 tracks recorded in 1989–1998 period. Best Ukrainain indie pop ever made — please, enjoy!
Our Dear friend, the Owl from the Moscow Zoo, killed the man who was intended to steal her, while she had been fighting to protect himself.
Respect you, Owl! Donít give up! Weíre hope youíll be free someday!

Biblioteka Prospero will play live concert on Tuesday, 20 of March at Bochka Club, Kiev.
Adress: B. Khmelnizkogo str. 3 B1.
Beginning: 21:00
Entrance: 20 UAH
Finally, the CD of Lasse Marhaug titled “It's Not the End of the World” is out on Quasi Pop!
Difficult but exciting and skilfull work by famous experimental artists would enjoy both noise and avantgarde lovers.
Because of crazy fuss before New Year the release of Naoki Ishida CD “Tone Redust” has been unfortinately a little bit delayed.
But at last, yesterday we had finally got CDs from the manufacturer and we like the result very much.
Enjoy this new release of Quasi Pop new-sighned artist from Japan!
All the Best in New Year!
December, 7 our Christmas “Best Prices” program starts!
Every Quasi Pop CD will be available in very low price till January, 7 (2007).
For all customers outside Ukraine the price per 1 CD is 6 Euros (incl. Postage & shipping)!
The serious mainstream Ukrainian distributors are interested in Quasi Pop releases for the first time! This week Svyatoslav Lunyov's CD “Para Pacem Para Bellum” is in the Eurostar stores and available via Umka mailorder.
The long-awaited CD “Para Pacem Para Bellum” of Svyatoslav Lunyov is out now!
Jewelcased CD comes with 10-pages booklet (credits on both English and Russian).
Biblioteka Prospero will play live concert as a part of “Athmosphera's Evening” at Dom Medrabotnikov (Odessa). This mini-fest will present the brand new CD compilation released by Cardiowave. It dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of independent radio-programme “Athmosphera” and includes among others the song “Tajny Izlom” by Biblioteka Prospero.
Adress: Grecheskaya str. 20
Beginning at 18:00.
Quasi Pop signed the new artist Naoki Ishida from Japan.
His outstanding debut album “Tone Redust” will be released till the end of year 2006 on CD.
Keep you eyes & ears open!
Alexei Petrov and the modern dance group Tanzlabaratorium during 3 days (September 29, 30 and October 1) will perform their collaborative work “…and Finish and Start Again” on the stage of L. Kurbas centre (Volodymirska str. 23B).
This media-expanse performance is one-of-a-kind art-project that combines the sound, video-projection, choreography and the texts.
Beginning: 19:00.
“ickets: 20 UAH.
Let's back to the old good times of tapes & CD-R releases!
Quasi Pop presents the new record of Edward S. “Untitled Gold”. This is the multy-layered, noisy, dissonant and powerfull 23-min. piece. Computer, tapes, turntable & live improvised electronics.
Limited edition CD-R is out now!
Huge interview with Edward S. which dedicated to the 5th birthday of Quasi Pop is here (www.machine.radionoise.ru).
Sorry, but Russian text only.
Quasi Pop Summer Vacation: 1 August — 31 August.
Sorry, but we would'n be able to send any CDs from our mailorder.
Also we have to ask do not send us demos during this term, because of our mail-box can be overloaded.
See you in September!
The new CD compilation “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” is out now!
Short MP3 samples of each track are available in downloads section.
Today is the birthday of Quasi Pop. 5 years anniversary!
To celebrate it we've prepared the special anniversary compilation with the exclusive tracks from Quasi Pop lablemates and our friends from other countries. This CD compilation is called “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” and is ready to be released. The pressing of CDs will be done in next days.
The contributors are: Peel Off The Bass, TV Pow, Lasse Marhaug, Black To Comm, Biblioteka Prospero, Olivier Lamm, the Complainer, Monofilament & others.
Follow the QP news!
Jørgen Knudsen will play live in Kiev at Detali Zvuku fest, May 20, 2006.
Concert will start at 19:00.
Brovarsky prospect, 15, International Expo-Center.
CD “Wealth” of Jørgen Knudsen is out now!
Enjoy the quazzy jazzy noizzy blend of Thai pop tunes, rural natural sounds and urban fields recordings.
Very powerfull and exotic listening!
CD called “Wealth” by Norwegian artist Jørgen Knudsen (half of a duo INFORMATION) will be released in a few days on Quasi Pop records.
Quasi Pop is proud to co-working with the main-organizers of the festival of experimental music Detali Zvuku.
This year the fest will took place May, 20. The participants are: our favourite Ukrainian electronic artist Alexei Petrov,
our friends — musicians from the Nexsound label, famous clicks'n'cuts artist Andreas Tilliander (Mille Plateaux, Mitek), the oustanding audio-experimentalist Gert-Jan Prins (Mego, Earstwhile, member of MIMEO unit) and others talented multi-media performers from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, USA & Russia.
All the details about DZ 2006 you need you can easily find on the website www.dz.org.ua
Biblioteka Prospero will play live in club Vykhod (Exit) in Odessa for the first time in the new line-up.
Event starts at 20:00.  The group will present the new material. Don't miss!
Andreas Brandal's CD “Drive Home With a Hammer” is available now from the distro-list of famous German shop/mailorder A-Musik.
Krafft experimental duo will perform live at club Hulen, Bergen, Norway, february 17 2006.
Krafft are:
Andreas Brandal — electronics, tape loops &
Janne W. Berset — Voice, theremin
Everyone is invited!
The fisrt real CD release of project Ambelion is out now on Ukrainian JRC records label.
The CD called simple “Trance Experience” and contains 11 danceble tracks in “techno trance” style.
The music of this CD is much simpler than previously released on Quasi Pop experimental CD-Rs and acceptable for wider audience.
The new official website of the group Biblioteka Prospero was launched today!
Welcome to www.biblioteka-prospero.com!
The good news for Quasi Pop non-Ukrainian customers and distributors!
Finally, we have our own PAYPAL account. All details about this "easiest way to transfer your money" here.
The group Biblioteka Prospero took a part in the international project "Tribute to the memory of Johnn Balance". This massive 2CD compilation is released on Fulldozer label (Russia).
Biblioteka Prospero presented their version of Coil's old song "Heartworms".
Long awaited new album "Sad: Zveri, Oblaka I Echo Ritualov" (means "The Garden: Beasts, Clouds and Echo Of The Rithuals" by the best Ukrainian psychodelic-folk-group Biblioteka Prospero is available now on CD.
This record represents the powerfull and incredible acoustic music, the unique sound, nice cover art & design. This CD can become a real rare item very soon.
CD comes in beautiful digipack sleeve. Limited edition to 500. Co-release with Cardiowave.
CD "Drive Home With A Hammer" of Norwegian noise artists Andreas Brandal is now out on Quasi Pop.
This is our very first release on real CD and our first collaboration with non-Ukrainian artist. The album comes in nice digipack sleeve limited edition to 500…
The first visitors of new Quasi Pop site — you are welcome!!!
It's not that hard to notice, that we have changed the design and thoroughly worked on the content. Besides, we have new web name — www.quasipop.org
This address would be the main one, the previous address, that you are already used to would be supportive (just in case!)
After the many years of vagueness since October 2005, the album "Tanets" (means "The Dance" on russian) became available for free downloading in mp3 format (44 khz, 192 kbps).
The old fellows and good partners of Quasi Pop, the label before known as "Arteria" now re-named to Arterija.
The web site of this young ukrainian label www.arterija.org launched now!
And there's another great news — all of the releases of Arterija are available for free download!
Visit the guys, read the news and support underground ukrainian music!
Live performances of Blemish (ambient/noise), Ceckj (improv DSP/minimal noise/glitch electronica) will took place at Pectoral Club, February 23, Anti-dance support of DJED.
Adress: Shota Rustaveli str. 15, Pectoral club.
Beginning: 21:00 Tickets 30 uah (20 uah with flyer).
Sunday 3rd October 2004 @ 8 pm
Store 205, Kyiv
Blemish (Kyiv) and Zsuf (Ternopil) will subject their listeners to treatment of post-industrial noise terrorism decorated with video art. Come and it will be the biggest revelation in you life.
Cost: UAH 15.

Club Store 205
9 Kovpaka St., Kyiv (close to Palats Ukraina subway station)
Tel/fax: (044) 269 3249
Web: www.205store.com.ua/club/
Look out for the new interview of Quasi Pop main-man Edward Ess to the independent magazine "Autsaider" in the section about us.
The text of this interview was publised in the 3rd issue of the "Autsaider".

Web-site: www.autsaider.org
This text now available only in Ukrainian!
The release of the 6-th volume of the Lonely Happiness compilation that was planned on May, 1, now delayed for the indefinite term.
The reason of this solution is the lack of the new music.
Musicians! Hurry up to take part! Send us your demo-tapes!
In March lable Arteria (with support of Quasi Pop), that specializes in "diffucult" contemporary music, represents a new work by young project Ceckj — "Jjeska Svmka".
So as the debut release, it is a 3 inches small CD with duration a bit longer than 25 min.
The music is definitely more mature and expressive in comparison with the debut work. Sometimes it sounds like solo compositions by Jim O'Rourke, sometimes like Microstoria meets Fennesz.
The last word in the history of Rabbota Ho group was said.
"The Last Song" of this great Ukrainian rock-band now available here in mp3 format.
Lonely Happiness Vol.5 — seems to be a middle of the way. May 2003 — October 2003. All tracks were created by means of ordinary non-professional PCs only. The majority of tracks have there own clear stylistic definitions: jazz from W.A.A., too caviare to the general atmospheric post-rock from PEEL OFF THE BASS, dada near hip-hop music from Nicked Caterpiller, post-digital collages from CECKJ, ideologically strong industrial from ZSUV and GHOSTBOY.
1 May 2003 the next, 4th disc from the "Lonely Happiness" set was released.
Don't miss the first appearance in this project: Suphina Dentata, The Guitars, The Litz and Vezha Khmar, and also take a look at the new outstanding tracks from Oleg VOLKovskiy, Kshtalt, Lily and others!
23 April 2003, Quasi Pop presents the very first release of our electronic avant-garde sub-label Arteria - gold-glittering 3" CD-R "Primary Suplo" by the Ceckj.
This record is strongly recommended for all interested in freaky post-digital electronics in the fore water of the prestige modern labels like Alku, Mego and Touch.
April, 3, 2003 Quasi Pop will release the 2nd album of the electronic act Stereomin.
The disc is called "Methods" and represents the earliest works of Shockich'a (aka Stereomin), most of them can be referred to minimal techno style.
Taking into consideration, that Ukrainian musicians did not contribute a lot into the development of this style, so the disc "Methods" is so close to the top of the Ukrainian techno-minimalism for now.
The new independent label Arteria has started it's activity in Kiev, April 2003.
Arteria will become Quasi Pop sub label and our creative partner.
The main efforts of the new recording label will be directed to the support of the musicians that work in digital listening, post electronics directions, and also to the radical experiments in the sphere of sound, video & visual design.
The first release of Arteria will be produced together with Quasi Pop Records — the 3" CD-R of electronic act Ceckj.
EP "Primary Suplo" will be released in the mid April.
On February, 15, Quasi Pop Records will publish another original sound work of the experimental project Ambelion — "C-Virus".
As for the duration of running time it is close to EP format, as for the musical output — to the digital soundscapes, where the digital FM synthesizers were used together with dynamic-distorted static wave-forms and brain wave synchronized technology - zeta-beta modeling.
Extremely expressive and "technological", but beautiful and highly emotional music.
At the beginning of February 2003, Quasi Pop records will present the newest CD-R release — the album "Xefarythmia" from the Ukrainian electronic outfit Stereomin.
The presented on this record musical material belongs to Hard Core IDM and may be interesting for lovers of intensive, dark and brutal cyber sounds in modern electronic music.
The collectors of classic Ukrainian indie! Achtung, achtung!
The release of the album "Tanetz" ("The Dance" in English) by the legendary Ukrainian group Rabbota Ho is planned for October on Quasi Pop Records!
This album was recorded in 1991 and until now was not available and is true rare item.
Very limited edition with original sleeve made in the "cassette" minimal style. Digitally re-mastered.
In mid September, Quasi Pop Records will release the newest powerful material of the new group Borsch, which includes members Alexander Pipa and Yury Zdorenko, also known as the founders of very popular Ukrainian group Vopli Vidopliassova.
The debut single will contain the following tracks: "Mustafa" (cover of the Queen's massive hit), "I was flying", "The Cannibal Ghost", "Magnetophone" and "Audio/Video".
From the group's permission, only the 3-rd part of this very limited edition will be sold — just 20 copies for sale!
At last, August 31, at the last day of summer' 2002, Quasi Pop Records released the newest album "the Victims Nimis Sero?" (QPOP CD013) of the greatest esoteric/ritual Ukrainian project Prospero's Library from Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine.
Extra-limited edition CD-R (23 hand-numbered copies) with outstanding artwork is available now.
August 17, Quasi Pop will release a signal limited edition of the album "Plasticizm" by group Asymmetry from Odessa (QPOP CD022).
Good-recorded and full of ideas material of this CD represent Asymmetry as one of the most perspective, most interesting group on the temporary Ukrainian indie scene.
On August, Quasi Pop will represent "live" material of the legendary Ukrainian indie group Langsames Steuer (QPOP CD011).
This unique record, dated 1994, with the "hard-printed" Lo-Fi sleeve, have limited 'collector' edition.
If pre-ordered — special price (25% sale).
Quasi Pop Records accepts the records from Ukrainian musicians for the "Ukrainian Lo Fi Tribal: music created from the loops by Rapoon" compilation.
This CD is planned to be released beginning 2003.
All music for this disc should be created from the loops by Rapoon/Robin Storey.
Quasi Pop would like to inform all musicians, producers and everybody interested that we are still accepting and selecting the material for the 3-rd compilation of the contemporary Ukrainian underground music "Lonely Happiness".
This CD will be released 1 November 2002.
The release of the latest material of the well-known project Ambelion is planned for the end August — beginning of September 2002.
Disc will be named "Cosmic Ill". It will continue Ambelion's traditional ambient-noise line, but will represent some new sound shades of musique concrete, post-industrial and dark-ambient.
The debut mini CD "Soft Pink Girl" from Kyiv avant-garde duo Lily is planned to be released on August 2002 (QPOP CD015s).
There are five tracks, that will take the listeners to the world of Lily's music: post-rock, ambient-noise and hard-pop.
23 April, Quasi Pop Records will release the new CD of the dark-electronic group Nekraina from Odessa "Apokaliztva". This CD represents the latest Nekraina's works of dark folk/electronique noir direction.
The debut CD of the Dnipropetrovsk-based group Peel Off The Bass is planned to release in April on Quasi Pop Records.
This album will be the first real Ukrainian post-rock sound-work, released by our label.
If you interested at Quasi Pop Records activity, don't miss the Ukrainian Electronic Underground Party, which will took place on March 15, 2002, club Shelter on Khreschatik, 15 (Passage).
Live performance starts at 24:00.
The work on the archive material 1993 — 1998 of the psychedelic (now disbanded) group from Nova Kakhovka Cheluskin Land is being carried on.
The CD "Tapes" should appear in the beginning of the spring, now it is on the stage of final selection of the material and its compilation.
The track-list will include both well-known composition and quite rear, experimental tracks.
In February Quasi Pop Records will release two new CD-R of the electronic group Ambelion from Kiev: "Winter Breed" and "Winter Cut".
These CD's represent the latest IDM works of Ambelion and are conceptual continuation/addition of each other.
The preliminary orders are being accepted.
We are very proud to present among the other February releases the outstanding album of the Kyiv's project Suphina's Little Beasts, hardly the only proper CD of the Ukrainian dark wave/ethereal gothic for today.
In February we are presenting the first CD-R "Un pair shoe for the eternal march" of the group Structura.
The project, which exists in Boyarka for appr. 10 years, does not restricts it's creative searches with musical experiments, therefore there's a hope that their literary experience will become available, and also extreme graphics from Structura.
For now — quite interesting and original album with ironic and melodic music, on the conjunction of brutal techno and quasi-sympho disco.
The next Quasi Pop Records release will be 12 January.
The experimental group Mnimoe's debut CD called "the Room full of No one".
The album, which contains 12 tracks, looks like an attraction of musical-noise images that remind soundtracks to short films.
The soundwork is quite exotic, definitely not fashionable, but first of all experimental.
Don't miss the first Quasi Pop IDM-record, please!
At the mid January we are planning to finish the work on the strong avant-garde/electronika CD "Soundtrack for Intelligent Diving" of the Kyiv's IDM project Ambellion.
Besides the newest albums (antipodes-twins) "Winter Breed" and "Winter Cut" and also picturesque ambient soundwork "Sleeper Fields" are coming soon.
One more new CD from Quasi Pop Records — Aeroplan from Odesa.
We presume it is the most talented pop-alternative group in Ukraine.

On this CD you will listen all famous hits by Aeroplan — A nut, One day, Underground tremor, plus interesting remixes and several beautiful, but not so popular compositions in original demo-versions.
Beautiful pop-music (half electronic/half guitar) with very distinctive vocal by Olya Pulatova (now Fleur).
November 1 — the day full of surprises from Quasi Pop Records.
Long-awaited compilation "Lonely Happiness vol. 1" will be released.
The best ukrainian contemporary underground artists are represented on this compilation:

Alexander Kutzenko (Odesa), Prospero's Lirary (Nova Kakhovka), Inner Silence (Mykolayiv), Moa (Kyiv), Struktura (Boyarka), Waste Worms (Kyiv), Mnimoe (Kyiv), Peel Off The Bass (Dnipropetrovsk), Blemish (Kyiv), Svarte Vidder (Odesa), No Fly Zone (Kyiv), Jozhik (Kyiv).
On November 1 one of the most interesting ukrainian electronic group Inner Silence will represent new three tracks: Creature's Day Dream, Evening Walks, Meditation.

Quasi Pop will release the newest tracks of the Inner Silence on the tape-single. But this release won't be sold separately, the tape will be in the bonus pack to the compilation "Lonely Happiness vol. 1", which also be released on November 1, 2001.
Buying compilation you are getting the new Inner Silence's single as bonus.
Prospero's Library project, which is already highly appreciated by our listeners, now is working on the new program, which will be named "Victims Nimis Sero?".
This album is dedicated to the ritual "word, as a time victim". It is based on the real ritual poetry and sound material, written by the group members on August 25, 2001.
Deep and associative, atmospheric texts-messages. Material is authentically occult.
CD with outstanding artwork will be released by the end of the Autumn on Quasi Pop Records.
On the October 1, Quasi Pop Records will make the audience happy as the 1st CD of the authentic psychedelic group "Cheljuskin Land" will be released.
The release is called "Le Petit Prince — music to the performance", this name directly reflects the origin and specifics of the material.
In 1997–1998 this group from Novaja Kakhovka recorded at home "soundtrack on order" for "Le Petit Prince" performance, staged by the local theatrical studio Chance.
The work on the restoring of this authentic and interesting, but with lo-fi sound, is coming to an end; Spiritus design group is working on this CD cover design.
The first part of the compilation "Lonely Happiness" will be released in October. We are waiting for your musical materials until September 1. Hurry up!
We already know the names of the groups who's compositions will be in the compilation. Among them: Blemish, Moa, Kotra, Waste Worms, Inner Silence, Struktura, No Fly Zone…
On Quasi Pop records the first CD release of the legendary group from Zaporizzja Relic Trucks will take place.
33-minutes album will present the "live" concert of the group, which took place in 1992 in Kyiv. Real archive material.
It is planned to release in September the debut CD album "Robert Kilometers" of the electro-noise Kyiv project Waste Worms. But, on the contrary to their other works (which are far more radical) this release will represent more bright, romantic and even more lyrical side of the creative work of the group.
CD design and exclusive "Robert Kilometers" photos by Sashko Chernenko/Spiritus.
Quasi Pop Video will present new release - VHS tape Sleepy Reign from Kyiv video-partnership KOMA in June.
The main goal of the project is to present the ideology and activities of the partnership KOMA — the most interesting and innovative ukrainian cinema/video company and the works of its participants.
The date of the tape release will be announced additionally.
Quasi Pop records begins the selection of the
musical material from groups and performers for the "Lonely Happiness" volume 1. The sampler will be produced twice a year on CD and tapes by Quasi Pop.
It is aimed to cover the real processes, that are taking place in the ukrainian musical culture.
On Quasi Pop records the work on the compilation "Between Rains & Drought" is coming to an end.
This compilation will represent ukrainian underground scene of 1991 — 2001 yrs.