Jørgen Knudsen
Jørgen Knudsen

Jørgen Knudsen is an experienced musician from Bergen, Norway. He was educated as the chemical engineer and studied the theatre science and history of the art.

He was involved into the Norwegian experimental scene from 80th: he was playing in different rock-orientated bands, but most of his musical works were composed for dance performances (esp. with the company Baktruppen).

He is also the prolific author (or participant) of numerous art-performances, multi-media experimental projects & audio-installation.

Need to say that Jørgen Knudsen is also known as one-half of the famous experimental, live-electronics-improv duo Information (that CD Artifacts was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in 1998).

As the member of Information Jørgen released several CDs and LPs on Beatservice and Rune Grammofon labels.

Now he is actively performing live as solo-artist around the world.

In 2006 Jørgen Knudsen released his first CD under his own name on Quasi Pop records.

2006 Jørgen Knudsen “Wealth” (CD Quasi Pop)
2002 Information “Biomekano” (CD Rune Grammofon)
2000 Information “Successor” (CD Beatservice)
1998 Information “Artifacts” (CD Beatservice)
1997 Information “Artifacts 8–10” (12"  Beatservice)
1997 Information “Artifacts 5–7” (12"  Beatservice)
1995 Information “Artifacts 1–3” (12"  Beatservice)

2006 Million Ways To Spend Your Time (Quasi Pop)
2003 Information “Money Will Ruin Everything” (CD Rune Grammofon)
1999 Information “Love comes Shining Over the Mountains” (CD Rune Grammofon)