Naoki Ishida
Naoki Ishida

Naoki Ishida is the young musician from Japan.

Since year 2000, he has played guitar in a local rock band.

In 2003, when that group disbanded, Naoki decided to work as solo artist. He had started to record the music at his home studio, usually using minimal electronics, field recordings and his all-time-favorite acoustic guitar.

As Naoki said, he works with the sound-aesthetic of “acoustic ambient”, that also contains the elements of traditional music of Japan. Besides that, another important influence for Naoki's own music is free-jazz and serious electronic music. No wonder then that Naoki established his own unique music style — freely and unpredictable but quite minimalistic. This is the music that basically sounds like so-called “digital folk” or “minimal acoustic jazz-ambient”.

During his live performances Naoki plays acoustic guitar and CDJ player.

The first CD “Tone Redust” has been released in 2006 on Quasi Pop.

2007 “Fazing Redust” (CD, Poseidon)
2006 «Tone Redust» (D, Quasi Pop)


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