V/A - Million Ways To Spend Your Time
V/A · Million Ways To Spend Your Time
CD in Digifile
limited edition 500
total time: 72:18
  1. Black To Comm “Sleeep”
  2. Continental Fruit “A Trusted Friend”
  3. Peel Off The Bass “Between Scylla and Charybdis”
  4. Monofilament “Straum og Honning”
  5. TV Pow “Downtown Afternoon”
  6. Lasse Marhaug “Spook Asphalt”
  7. Andrey Kiritchenko “For Behemoth Who Was Afraid of Darkness”
  8. Origami Epileptika “Beatmaster”
  9. 8Rolek “Repeated Fall (Everyday Blues)”
  10. Jorgen Knudsen “Frogs”
  11. O. Lamm “A Pistol for Yuka and Haruki”
  12. the Complainer “Ultragigolette (goes Ukraine version)”
  13. Andreas Brandal “Electric Hole”
  14. Alexey Petrov «Two Clowns»
  15. Batcheeba “Are You Afraid”
  16. CharSky “Cats and Dogs”
  17. Biblioteka Prospero “...v Pleske Lezviy...”

“…a thousand girls, a thousand thrills,
a million ways to spend your time
when we get back, I'll drop the line…“

CD compilation “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” is dedicated to 5th birthday of Ukrainian label Quasi Pop. It represents new & rare works works by label mates and exclusive tracks from Quasi Pop's friends from different countries:

Black To Comm — fantastic deep gentle track made with vinyl loops, sounds like “old kraut-drone-psychedelic stuff”. This project runs by Dekorder label owner Marc Richter from Hamburg, Germany.

Continental Fruit is the member of Bergen's experimental scene, but he hasn't got huge discography yet. Continental Fruit have been released only 7" vinyl on Smalltown Supersound, but we got really rare new track from him!

Peel Off The Bass — our favourite Ukrainian rock group recorded especially for this CD first track (in romantic garage kraut-style) for the last few years.

Monofilament — the first recorded track after 10 years break by this experimental duo from Bergen, Norway. Monofilament are: Andreas Brandal & Espen Sommer-Eide (Phonophani, Alog). Crazy tape manipulations!

TV Pow — deep environmental piece from this Chicago-based free-improv trio. TW Pow are well-known artists after their successful releases on labels such as Box Media, Bottrop, Erstwhile, Staalplaat & Gentle Giant.

Lasse Marhaug — surely, the main man of Norwegian noise. Lasse is an active solo-artist, also he is a half of outstanding duo Jazkamer. Besides he owns the label, working as designer and takes part in projects Origami Republica and DEL. Here he presents psychedelic-noise-collage stuff.

Andrey Kiritchenko — quiet electro-acoustic piece with beautiful guitar drones and overtones. Probably, Andrey is the most prolific & successful Ukrainian electronic/experimental artist. He is also the core founder of experimental Ukrainian label Nexsound.

Origami Epileptika — Norwegian multi-culture, cross-genre art-unit Origami (Replika, Republika etc). One of his faces is weird psycho-country drone composition which is represented here.

8Rolek — cracking and swinging electronic record by one of the leading artists from great Polish label Mik Music.

Jorgen Knudsen — inexhaustible Norwegian inventor, dreamer and experimentalist recorded for our release congratulant ecologic froggy jazz. Pop, noise & circus-maximus!

Olivier Lamm — “j-pop style” song from one of the leading and most interesting artists from French super avant-pop label Active Suspension.

The Complainer — another powerful beat-based outfit from Poland runs by Wojtek Kucharczyk, he is also the main force of Mik Music label.

Andreas Brandal — “analogue wizard” and our good friend from Norway presented us probably the loudest, most abrasive and intensive track on the compilation. Pretty good record in “old good industrial style”.

Alexey Petrov — he is the author of this minimalistic, but great-sounding piece for laptop and 2 samples. He is most likely our favorite electronic artist for the moment. Actually, he is one of the most talented young audio experimentalists from Ukraine.

Batcheeba — the newest composition from very talented singer/songwriter from Bergen, Norway.

CharSky — the new and exclusive song from mysterious & charismatic ex-leader of the cult Ukrainian group Nekraina.

Biblioteka Prospero — single-minded but spontaneous live improvisation for saxophone, vintage Soviet synth, prepared piano and bass. Also you can hear the short «festive» text in Russian.

Great thanks a lot for all contributors!

This CD comes in high-quality digifile with nice “sexy jazzy GDR” style.

This edition is limited to 500 copies only.

Conspiracy Records & Distribution — Belgium
Lowlands — Belgium
Audio3 — Chech Republic
Ikuisuus — Finland
Some Place Else — Finland
Kokeko — France
A-Musik — Germany
Minimamedia — Germany
Staalplaat — Germany
ITShop — Greece
Monitor Records — Hong Kong
Shop TT — Japan
Clear Spot Distribution — Netherlands
Musicsafe — Netherlands
Lasse's Shop — Norway
Hardline — Poland
Fulldozer — Russia
Juno Records — UK
Norman Records — UK
Blossoming Noise — USA
Mimaroglu Music Sales — USA
Soleilmoon — USA

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