Starless - Initiation
Starless · Initiation
C40 with J-card
limited edition (30 copies)
Total running time: 40 min
  1. A1. Angel
  2. A2. Squares
  3. B1. Initiation

Starless is the new project of Juriy Samson, the leader of Ukrainian psych band Biblioteka Prospero. Bedroom-produced, 3-pieces debut monster perfectly fits to true underground cassette format. If someone calls Biblioteka Prospero «Ukrainian equivalent» of famous Legendary Pink Dots, I can compare Starless to Edward Ka-Spell alter-ego. Even more introvert, personal meditation on endless themes: God — Man — Nature.

Somewhere dark, mystical and surreal blend of contemporary avant-garde, ECM-like jazzy soundscapes, kraut-rock, industrial noise, free jazz, primitive electro beats and doomy shoegaze guitars.

Thinks early Cabaret Voltaire meets Penderecki meets meets Aidan Baker meets Coltraine meets Cluster.

Heart-rending one-man recording.