The new nest on the same tree

How to contact us

We are always open to any forms of co-operation and communication. If you have any questions, proposals or requests, please mail us.

Via post:

Quasi Pop Records,
p/b 510,
01019, Kiev-19,

And via e-mail:

How to purchaise our records

Most of Quasi Pop releases are available via good alternative stores/mailorders in Europe, Far Asia, America and Canada and we are always looking for the new partners around the world. The essential list of our distributors you can find on the web-page of each release you are interested in.

Or buy it directly from us — we are accepting payments via PAYPAL and WebMoney. This is the easiest way to make payments & buy our records.

Please, send payments to our commercial manager Schernthaner Anastasia via PAYPAL (, or via WebMoney (WMID: 752947942324)

About sending your demos

Please read these important notes before sending us your demo.

  1. Please, always remember that we never download ANY mp3s from beginners & unknown musicians by the links received via e-mail cause we are lack of time and possibilities to do it.
  2. But here’s the good news! We listen absolutely ALL demos that received on CD-R.  This is the best and the only correct way, if you want your music to be heard. But please, take a look on our catalogue and read the info to understand which music Quasi Pop loves. Generally, Quasi Pop is dedicated to different forms of experimental and unusial music.
  3. We’d prefer to receive your musical material in final condition. It means the sound, tracklisting, track’s duration, track’s order etc. must be in maximum “ready-to-release” state. We need to listen to your finished work and to be able to imagine correctly what exactly we can do with it.
  4. If you’re going to send us your CD-R, don't forget to put your name (or project's name), short information, complete tracklisting and your contact details.
  5. Also, any ideas of your own for design, artwork and package are wellcome, but the final decision we will take by ourselves.
  6. In case we are interested in your material, we'll contact you ourselves. Please, don’t expect speedy feedback from us, because we’re very small label and our possibilities are very limited, unfortunately. We need some time to think.
  7. We do not give feedback to every person who sent the demos. And we can't explain the things we don't like in your music and reasons why it doesn't correspond with our label. In most cases, when you have only our silence as the answer, it’s really means “no”.

Thank you for understanding!


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