Different Genres of Music you Ought to Know

Music is a beautiful piece of art loved and admired by almost every person. Music can be split into several categories and groups basing on different elements such as temperament, intonation, and tones used. So a music genre is an extensive and diverse term that classifies some music that belongs to a particular tradition or culture. Music is differentiated or categorized by either music style or format and has more than 20 categories though at times these terms are used interchangeably. Music genres include folk music, dance music, martial music, visual kei and many more others. The following are some of the different genres of music expounded for better understanding.

Psychedelic rock music

musicPsychedelic rock is one of the genres of music that started back in the mid-1960s. This type of music is intended to copy the way music would sound when one is under the influence of psychedelic drugs. This song usually involves the use of drug-influenced lyrics and heavy reverb. Psychedelic rock music usually includes and uses principal elements of other genres of music like blues and folks.

Folk music

Folk music is a genre that contains traditional music and the previous types that were there during the late 20th century. Folk music is also known as world music and is usually sung and played by ordinary people and not like other genres composed by professional musicians. This is a genre of music that the people who sing it learn from others by way of listening and emulating them and thus said that folk music is by oral transmission. Folk music is the music that was very much utilized back in the day when there were no technological inventions to communicate to other people. It was a thin communication weapon making it the most popular genre of music almost everywhere in the world.

Hip Hop music

Hip Hop music is also known as rap music is a genre of music that was first introduced in the western world majority united states of America in the 1970s by the inner-city African Americans also known as black Americans. This type of music consists of rapping accompanied by stylized rhythmic beats. Hip Hop music as culture and genre of music was created when block parties became famous in New York, among black Americans youth living in the Bronx.


Reggae is a favorite genre of music that whenever it is played someone obviously remembers Jamaica. This genre of music was started in Jamaica in the 1960s by many famous people like Bob Marley. It is a type of music led by drums and bass that involves elements of music such as rhythm, jazz, and blues. It is a genre that is used to advocate for the fight against political injustices, gender crimes, and even colonial wars.

Country music

country music Country music is a genre of music that originated from South America in the mid-1920s. It came up from folk music and majority involves playing guitar like acoustic guitars and steel guitars. The country music incorporates dance tunes with little of harmonies and folk lyrics facilitated by string instruments. Music genres are very many and diverse due to its sweetness and good melodies that you cannot stop craving for more each day.